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We are A business development Consulting Firm

We are specialized in the deployment of services to support companies and small – medium sized enterprises, wishing to achieve business growth by an international expansion strategy and needing experienced management and representation.


We work closely with our Clients and concretely participate to the development of their operative initiatives.

Our target is their competitiveness, the improvement of their efficiency and market effectiveness.

Development Forces Consulting is based in Islamabad (Pakistan).

Established in May 2017

Founded by Mr. Sohail Malik , capitalizing on 11 years of international experience in the Business development and service sectors, covering responsibilities over the main organizational areas of their relevant companies:

General Management, Service Development, Service and Process Automation, Program and Project Management, Quality, Service creation, Finance, Sales and Marketing, Key Account and Retail Sales, Dealers Network Development and Product Support.

Our Objective is Every Business

Our focus is on helping our Clients become more competitive and profitable in their business, our main areas of intervention are related to the following fields

Consumer & Retail

We will provide new digital solutions that will bring up entirely new avenues for targeted marketing and a personalized consumer experience. Many newly founded businesses that offer purely e-commerce solutions are challenging established organizations in the market as a result of our new methods. The aim is to design the finest possible customer experience for your company. We give you the most up-to-date information in the consumer and retail industries, as well as a grasp of the relevant markets and client needs. Good customer journeys are becoming increasingly crucial, and the organizations who design the finest customer journeys will be the industry's future winners. This requires innovative strategies, which we will offer you with, as well as people who can recognize the needs of customers and have the creativity to design the greatest possible customer journey for each individual client. Understanding the company's position, consumer segments, and competitive condition are all critical aspects of this insight. Our employees who are fast to adjust based on a solid analytical and strategic understanding are giving you success. Many organizations benefit from international expertise and knowledge, since more and more companies operate globally with consumers and suppliers from various nations and marketplaces


We have the required skills to assist clients in the development of new setups. Our employees will assist you in dealing with your current problems. Block chain will assist you in delivering that information since it will provide real-time, shared, and entirely transparent data kept on an immutable ledger that can only be accessed by network users with permission. Orders, payments, accounts, and production may all be tracked via a block chain network. We will assist you with a transaction after it has been recorded to the shared ledger using block chain. If a mistake is found in a transaction record, a new transaction must be made to correct the error, and both transactions must then be visible. Duplicate record keeping and third-party validations waste a lot of time in operations. Our team will assist you in preventing fraud and cyber-attacks on record-keeping systems. When it comes to server deployment, we can assist you with complete block chain hardware, software, and network connectivity to meet specific requirements. We will help you to know how your internet clients interact with the digital world by tackling your problems. Your information will be duplicated and distributed through all the networks of the computer system

Artificial Intelligence

In a broad sense, we have a solution: we will train the artificial neural network and do "inference" processing. We will develop a neural network model in Training by processing vast amounts of relevant raw data using a specific neural network algorithm, which creates the weighted layers of a neural network model, and then fine refining the model through paring and optimization. The amount of memory, storage, and computation required for training grows in tandem with the size of the data collection and the complexity of the neural network model. We are actively engaged in artificial intelligence research. We will provide you with the best advice on how to deal with your issues. Artificial intelligence (AI) technology can help you with a variety of server duties without completely automating IT management. Routine operations such as system updates, security patching, and file backups can be performed autonomously by AI platforms, leaving more subtle, qualitative duties to IT staff. Without the stress of dealing with each and every user request or incident alert, our IT experts may take on supervisory roles over tasks that previously required their detailed attention, giving them more time to focus on larger-scale management issues


With our skills we will provide you bots which will operate over a network. We will give you bots that will run over a network using our skills. Bots that can interact with one another will do so through internet-based services like instant messaging, interfaces like, or Internet Relay Chat (IRC). Bots that interact with web pages, speak with people, scan for content, and do other tasks will account for more than half of your internet traffic. Bots will assist us in avoiding the repetitious actions that we as humans perform. They will understand the issue and will refrain from repeating previous actions. Social bots will assist in the management of social media bots on social media sites. It will assist you in gathering knowledge for a user by accessing websites automatically to acquire information that fulfills certain criteria. With our experience, we can assist your server's producer in charging cheaper pricing for products in order to outsell competitors. A big strategic advantage is being a low-cost producer. Because of the lower labor costs and well-developed supply chains and logistics infrastructure, this advantage exists. Make a list of possible suppliers and choose the most dependable one to avoid any unpleasant surprises when it comes to product delivery


We are helping our clients with solving their industry problems. Maintaining the server and desktop infrastructure across various locations of an organization to ensure that its users can easily access mission-critical applications. Tackling issues at both the server and PC levels. Our team uses servers because they have more memory, storage, and, importantly, processing power. Client-server networking is to be used by few websites and email services, a server's hardware requirements vary depending on the number of clients and server applications. Because our employees work with servers for long periods of time, the hardware is sturdy and dependable. Because of the major role that servers play, supported and updated in order for an organization's network to run smoothly. Our server engineer makes technical suggestions and implements them. We'll assist you with setting up and administering servers running various operating systems, such as Windows, macOS, or Linux, including installing, troubleshooting, and upgrading, as well as making changes to boost performance and reliability. In addition, we will plan, deploy, and manage enterprise system technologies. When networks expand, it opens up the possibility of categorizing a large number of users into logical groups and subgroups for which services can be provided

Alternative Energy

Development Forces is working along side government contractors to sole energy problems in Australia, America, United Kingdom, Pakistan and China. Our mission is help investors to invest in energy projects and to make sure the investment is safe and project is self sustainable. We have successfully helped entities with Hydro power projects, Solar power projects, and natural Gas projects. clean energy is a major challenge for humanity and planet earth and to help businesses and production factories to reduce the carbon in order to bring down the planet temperature, is one of our missions. Our experts are not only making the world better place but also we make sure that the invested money must pay a considerable ROI to the investor. For contributing the energy into the national power grids, our clients have received their investment within less then 5 years along other business benefits.

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