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Email Marketing Solution

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has changed the email marketing practices for the coming ages. In order for businesses to to promote their services only option is to rely on opt-in data. We help companies to streamline their email marketing process as per GDPR regulations.

For Opt-in contacts we help our clients with multiple streams of leads so you could receive non stop opt-in leads.

Starting from Targeted List building to Email Automation, Triggers, Email Funnels,  we build a tailored solution for your business streamlined as per your business process and really simple to use for your team.


Charge Forward

Business Roadmaps Built Exactly To Your Needs

 Business Plan tailored as per your business requirements and we keep it flexible to make your business evolve with your business future, you want for your business.

  • Research & Business Development Services
  • Business Development & Sales Services
  • Marketing & Branding Services

Our Specialties

We serve Companies from Multiple industries



Marketing & PR


Legal & Financial

Retail & FAshion

Translation & Localization

Insurance & Taxation

Real estate & Builders

Management Consulting



What We Can Do For You


Just let us know your business problems and we will pin them down with the help of technology. By applying checks and automations, we make you able to predict your business future with data science, which makes decision making Easy for you.

When objectives are defined from problems, we focus on Target ROI and to reach target level, we will automate your business processes, Can develop software, tools and products, capacity building, and will implement the right technology for your business.

Increased output directly impacts sales where cost reduction helps you to sustain cash in business to streamline cash flows. 


Problem Identification & Solution Development

Let us know the problem and we will identify the root cause for it, so it could be fixed from the root.

Positive ROI

Are you not happy with your business ROI? Let us increase it for you with business development.


Process Automation

Tired of existing processes or don’t know what to do! Let us define a flow your business requires.

Cost reduction via TEch & Automation

We don’t reduce cost by firing people but we believe in value creation, Our secret to positive ROI.

Dedicated for your Business

B2B LinkedIn Solution

This service is complete package for the businesses, who wants to increase their MQL [Marketing Qualified lead – Opt-In] lead generation ratios in order to attain maximum level of sales.

Your per lead cost for a MQL lead will be less then 9.1 $ per lead – for lead generation and we can provide you with 50+ companies targeted opt-in contacts a month.

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